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June 17, 2011

Craig Groeschel Busting Barriers with Mindset Changes


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Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. – Romans 12:2

  • One of the big momentum killers is wrong mindsets.
  • Mindsets can propel you forward or hinder what God wants to do.
  • When when multisite, one of the challenges that came up was keeping their team unified.
  • Sometimes it’s easy to miss things that are small and very obvious.
  • Organizations love to settle.
  • Asking people to leave with compassion is one of the most important things you can do.
  • Start having the right conversations early.
  • Give defined, specific expectations with a timeline.
  • In the church world we are too blunt… we don’t have the right conversations early.
  • Churches are no exception.
  • People like what is known, predictable, and what used to be.
  • Known in comfortable.
  • What you did last year is safe.
  • Doing what you did is easy.
  • Doing something new is hard. It takes faith and risk
  • The longer your ministry is flat, the more aggressive moves it will take to break out.
  • Objects at rest stay at rest.
  • You don’t need something better, you need something totally different.
  • We need to think differently.
  • No matter what you are doing, where you are isn’t where God wants you to go.
  • The more successful you are the harder it is to do something different.
  • We have to think differently.

Think differently about your church cultureWhat people do, what they think and how they behave.

  • Change the mindset: Our people won’t ___________. Fill in your own blank.
  • To: We haven’t LED them to ___________.
  • Are you practicing what you want your people want to model?
  • What our church won’t, we don’t.
  • Have you modeled and worked toward what you want your people to do?
  • It’s not that are people won’t, it’s that we haven’t led them.
  • Whenever you say they can’t or they don’t, ask yourself if you’ve led them.
  • You can lead up if you serve well under.
  • You can gain permission to lead over.
  • Step into the authority and gift of leadership God has given you.

Think differently about programming.

  • We’ve been trained to think: We have to do MORE to reach more.
  • The truth is: We can reach more by doing LESS.
  • Rate of increased activity was proportional to the decreased rate of life transformation.
  • Look at the places you do not have momentum and ask, “why do we keep doing those things?”
  • Look at places where you don’t have momentum and STOP doing them!
  • When you remove something that’s dying, you release life, energy, and resources to do new things that can build momentum.
  • One of the greatest things the church in America can do is to start doing less.
  • To reach people no one is reaching, you have to do things no one else is doing.
  • In order to do what no one’s doing you have to stop doing what everyone else is doing.

Think differently about the mission.

  • Rethink what God is calling you to do.
  • Think about Christ, who He is, and what knowing Him means and what not knowing Him means.
  • The most important thing is people… not buildings, programs, etc.
  • We think: We can’t hurt someone’s feelings.
  • The truth is: We can’t allow someone to hold back the mission of the church.
  • We leave the wrong people in the wrong places.
  • It’s not fair to them, it’s not fair to the organization.
  • Hire and recruit for the future, not the present.
  • Getting the right person in the right place could be one of the most important parts of gaining momentum.
  • You have to be willing to make painful decisions.
  • If you’re not hurting you’re not leading.
  • You’re going to hurt if you are leading well.
  • The mission is more important than people’s feelings.

Think differently about people leaving the church.

  • We tend to think: We can’t let anyone leave.
  • But in reality: We can grow when people leave.
  • Churches can be like “The Firm”
  • Sometimes churches seem soooo needy.
  • When you come off needy, you get people who are there for the wrong reason.
  • One of the best things you can do is bless the wrong people to leave.
  • We are full of spiritual consumers… we need spiritual contributors.

Think differently about limitations.

  • We tend to say all the time in the church: We can’t because we don’t _______________.
  • The truth is: We can because we don’t ____________.
  • Limitation is the breeding ground for innovation.
  • One of the best things God did for us is not giving us what we wanted.
  • God guides by what He withholds.
  • There are times God will not give us what we think we need so we can otherwise see something we would have never seen before.
  • Ask God what He’s trying to show you through your greatest limitation.
  • You do not have what you want because you don’t need it, there’s something greater.
  • God guides by what He withholds, not just with what He provides.
  • A struggling economy can be a catalyst for one of the greatest streaks in the church.
  • We don’t need more money… we need more volunteers, creativity, innovation, and how he does more with less..

Three Assignments

1. Find someone one or two steps ahead of you and learn how they. Most want to learn what they – not how they think.

  • Most people want to learn what they do – not how they think.
  • When you copy the what, you miss the why.
  • Get inside people’s minds… ask them what they think, what they see coming, etc.
  • Don’t look at the what, look at the why behind it.

2. Identify one wrong mindset and ask God to renew your mind with truth.

  • Quit whining and do something about it.
  • Change your mindset and watch what God will do.

3. Identify one painful decision you’ve been avoiding and commit to make the decision no matter what the short-term pain.

  • The difference between where you are and where you want to be is the decision you don’t want to make.


  • A struggling economy gives you permission to make decisions you needed to make but didn’t have the equity to make.
  • Creates opportunities for partnership.
  • In order for the church to survive we need to work together.
  • It forces you to be wiser.
  • When we pull back and tighten up, God sends blessings on the other side.
  • When you are faithful with little, God will give you more.
  • We often underestimate what God wants to do in the short term and overestimate what God wants to do in the future.
  • We need to create a culture that allows for failure.
  • In most places we evaluate too late and let things go on too long.
  • The longer you let something go, the harder it is to eliminate.
  • Longevity can lead to personalizing ministries/programs, where you aren’t cutting something, you’re cutting an identity.
  • Pastors are called to lead and shepherd, not just care for people.
  • Pastors can model symbolic leadership… not doing everything, but doing some.
  • We want to create a culture of entrepreneurial ministry and mission.
  • You have permission to go and do what you feel God calling you to do, but we don’t have to pay for it.
  • God gives you everything you need to reach the people you need to reach.
  • Don’t ask what you don’t have, look at what you’ve got.