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December 30, 2011

Christian Leaders And Pastors Craig Groeschel And Matt Carter Share Pics Of Christmas Presents (PHOTOS)

Popular speaker, author and Pastor of the uber-popular which according to CNN boasts more than 4 million members, Craig Groeschel shared a picture of his Christmas present via twitter a few days ago.  Groeschel posted this picture below with a caption that read:



If I gain weight, this is why. Thx@tomdfrench!


Also Pastor Matt Carter, pastor of the Austin Stone Church in Austin, TX and former pastor of Chris Tomlin’s home church and pastor of NFL Cleveland Browns quarterback, Colt McCoy, posted a picture of his Christmas present with a caption that read:


@_Matt_CarterMatt Carter
Got this as a Christmas present from my mother in law. It would be very useful if I start a church…




I don’t know which one got the coolest gift.

February 6, 2011




Craig Groeschel best-selling author and pastor of had some profound for pastors and preachers on his blog recently.

In a post entitled, ‘Authentic And Transparent Communication’ Groeschel implored speakers to make themselves more transparent and vulnerable in their messages and sermons.

“Most of the communicators I see struggle to bringall of themselves to a message,” Groeschel lamented.


It was really interesting reading this because I just thought about this last week.  In fact this is the one thing I think that sets Francis Chan apart as a speaker from everyone else.  He is transparent and authentic to a fault.  So in my mind Groeschel’s words were very wise.

“Bring You” Groeschel pleads with leaders.


Here’s More From The Post:


When you preach or teach, you must bring you. Without you in, around, and through the message, you will not impact today’s listener.

The younger audience today has a built in authenticity-meter. You can preach with passion, humor, clever points, or heart-wrenching stories. But if the scriptures haven’t touched your life, the listener will know it—and ignore your well-crafted message.

People want to know:

  • How has the text affected you?
  • How have you failed in the area the Scripture addresses?
  • What about the text makes you uncomfortable?
  • What do you feel about what Scripture is saying? (I know our feelings don’t trump scriptural truth, but talking about how we feel about the text can help engage others at a deeper level.)
  • How are you becoming different because of your study in God’s word?

Which preachers do you listen to that do a good job of brining themselves into the message? How are you learning to “bring you” as a communicator?


Do you think Groeschel’s right or wrong?  Would love to hear your thoughts

February 3, 2011

Craig Groeschel, Bestselling Author Of “The Christian Atheist” To Release New Book ‘WEIRD’




Craig Groeschel, pastor of, and bestselling author of “The Christian Atheist” announced that he’s releasing a new book entitled, “WEIRDBecause Normal Isn’t Working.”

The book is scheduled to release in Spring of 2011.


“The Christian Atheist” has also been picked up Wal-Mart to be carried in their stores which a huge accomplishment.

Congrats Craig!