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January 2, 2012

PASSION 2012 At The Georgia Dome SOLD OUT !!! Over 42,000 College Students Pour Into Downtown Atlanta

According to reports, more than 42,000 tickets have been purchased for PASSION 2012 at the Georgia Dome, in downtown Atlanta.  As of 30 December 2011 last week the entire event was sold out. This year’s conference runs from Monday, January 2 – Thursday, January 5, 2012 featuring renowned speakers Francis Chan, John Piper and Beth Moore and host, Louie Giglio.

Also featured will be all the sixstepsrecords artists as well special guests Hillsong United and Lecrae.  This will also be the last concert performed by the David Crowder Band.

Passion conferences are designed to draw university-aged young people, and many participants have had their lives changed. “Passion 98 changed my life,” says a Texas man on the Passion 2012’s Facebook wall with the picture of a hat, which he says has accompanied him to over 26 nations. “Tomorrow it accompanies me, my wife and 10 students to Passion 2012 – I am hoping they bring back a Passion Hat this year!”

Passion seeks to engage the “university moment” with the compelling message of Jesus and the challenge to leverage life to make him famous. To achieve that purpose, tens of thousands of students who love Jesus will make a difference this year in the city and beyond. Upon registration, every attendee will bring towels and socks to donate to the city’s homeless community. By Jan. 5, more than 100,000 socks and 40,000 towels will be collected and donated.

As part of Passion’s “Do Something Now,” the participants will also raise $1 million to free, rescue and restore those entrapped in modern-day “slavery,” such as bonded laborers in India and girls and women trafficked to Western nations from Nepal and other developing nations. There are more slaves today than any other time in the history, according to Passion. The Do Something Now movement has raised over the past years more than $6 million to help end treacheries like sex trafficking, provide clean water and meet other pressing global needs.

The Passion movement began in 1995 with a stirring in the heart of Giglio to see college students across the globe “awaken to the reality of a glorious God and Creator.” Passion gathers college students from campuses and churches around the world and across ministry and denominational lines.

February 4, 2011







“A flight attendant just asked if the name of our band was “Beard.””

– David Crowder via Twitter

February 4, 2011





Congratulations to David Crowder *Band for their career-high first-week sales of their latest release “Church Music.”  I’m so proud of these guys and this huge milestone.  For years I’ve been saying DC*B does not get enough respect for just how original and creative (and brilliant) their music is.  Undoubtedly one of the best Christian bands around, in my view.  So thrilled that they are finally getting the respect they deserve.

Here’s the official press release:

“David Crowder Band’s latest, Church Music (sixstepsrecords/EMI CMG), has proven to be a fan favorite raking in over 35,000 units the first week garnering the top spot on the Christian Retail Chart and the #11 position on the Billboard Top 200. also maintained a stay at #1 on the iTunes Christian and Gospel Album chart as well as peaked at #3 on the iTunes Overall Album chart.


Church Music is the band’s highest debut to date, with a 10% increase from the band’s previous release in 2007 of Remedy. David Crowder Band will be taking Church Music to the masses this fall on a 32-city nationwide tour with opening acts Danyew and Seabird starting tomorrow, Oct. 1.”