June 30, 2011


Went to see The Hangover 2 tonight with Paige. I honestly thought the first movie was great. And it was funnier the second time. But the sequel stunk. Actually, it made me a little angry because it felt like they made it for the money. As always, I tend to think about life when I watch a movie. Stories are just summaries of people’s lives, so there can be common themes between a good story and a good life. Do I dare pull life lessons from The Hangover? Why not? I’ve got nothing to blog about tonight.

What The Hangover II lacked was a lot of what is lacking in most people’s lives, I think, and I’m not talking about drugs and Mike Tyson. The movie lacked a heart. The movie was inauthentic and fake and for that reason wasn’t very funny. Here’s the rundown:

1. Whoever wrote it was in it to entertain, not to tell a good story. The writers went for the cheap laugh rather than the meaningful story. It’s like that guy at the bar who is trying too hard and hasn’t found his true self. It works for a minute, then it gets old fast.

2. Hangover 1 was crude, and perhaps this movie was just as crude but the crude humor didn’t work. It wasn’t playful, it was just gross. I don’t think anybody was laughing when the big reveal came that one of the leads had done gross stuff while he was drunk. Nothing really funny about that. That’s a problem, but the real problem is the movie appealed to a stupid audience, and I just felt stupid for buying a ticket. But that’s another thing about life, too, that crude humor may seem like it will get a laugh but in the end you just weed out the folks with an ounce of sophistication.

3. The movie lacked love. The first movie involved characters that were bonding over a challenge and an adventure, but this movie missed that magic completely. The movie was about a wedding, of course, but none of it was believable because the characters didn’t do anything that revealed their commitment to each other. Nobody really sacrificed for the girl, and hardly anybody sacrificed for each other. That’s no kind of story and it’s no kind of life.

Okay, so now that I’ve made a fool of myself pulling life lessons from The Hangover part two, there’s no need to go on that Buddhist retreat you were thinking about. Happy to have set you straight.