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February 6, 2011

Ed Young Pastor Fellowship Church Dallas/Ft Worth Creative Church Conference Creative Pastors Shares How Prepares His Sermon Series Messages (VIDEO)


I  came across this really cool video a few days ago.  It’s from Ed Young’s video blog, and in it he shares how he prepares his sermons every week.  Ed is the Senior Pastor of the 18,000-member Fellowship Church, based in Grapevine, TX. He’s especially known for his provocative sermon series titles like “Forgiveness: The Real F-Word” and “Get Your Fear In Gear,” and his out of the box, creative stage design – some of the props he’s used in the past include a king size bed for his series on marriage, and and a Corvette for one of his series’ called “RPM’s”.  All these ingredients makes his messages fresh and entertaining while being fully grounded biblically.

So, how does he prepare his sermons?

He says that he reserves Saturday mornings for study.  Basically, he spends Saturday mornings in study and preparation for about 2 – 4 hours.

Some of the commentaries and tools he uses include:

1. “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To The Bible” – he says that so often when you’ve been preaching for so long it becomes hard to know what to say and what not to say in your sermons, for him he says he tends to say too much, when he could’ve said it in a more conscise way. So “The Complete Idiot’s Guide” helps him to keep his messages lean and to the point.

2. He uses the “Life Application Study Bible” (NIV) a lot – it has some cool notes in it and some great bible character sketches.

3.  He uses the Dallas Theological Commentary called “The Bible Knowledge Commentary” bu John F. Walvoord  – he’s been using this for a long time

4. He also makes a lot of notes and highlights Bible passages all throughout his Bible as he reads and studies, that tends to stimulate ideas for new and future sermons.

5.  He keeps a ‘preaching journal’ with different ideas and illustrations that he fills regularly with all sorts of thoughts and musings that come to mind, as an ideabank to refer to later.

6. He also uses the “Liberty Bible Commentary” by Liberty University, that he’s had for a while.

He’s Saturday schedule basically consist of studying for a few hours at home in the mornings, then he’ll go to the gym and work-out, then he’ll go to the Church, study some more at the Church for a couple of hours, then get ready to preach at their Saturday evening services at Fellowship Church. Sometimes he also paints after a time of Saturday morning study.


February 3, 2011

Ed Young Pastor Fellowship Church Dalla/Ft Worth Debuts New Sermon Series Based On The Twilight Phenomenon, “TWILIGHT: Modern Romance Meets True Love”

Ed Young debuted a new sermon series on love and romance recently based on the Twilight Series . . . and all the guys said . . .”ookkkaayyy???  I guess I’m staying home from Church on Sunday.”  Ed got a huge response when asking the crowd on the first day “Who here’s for Team Edward?” to mild cheers, then “Who’s for Team Jacob?”  and the cheers were a bit louder.  Then he asked “Who here couldn’t care less?” and the place erupted.  To that all the guys said . . . “Amen.”

According to the official description of the new series:

“As life unfolds along the path before us, we often find ourselves seeking connection, hope, love. But it’s more than a desire to find the right feeling. Our deepest desire is to know-and to be known. Ultimately, we want to discover the potential, the presence and the power of romance.

In this series, Ed Young takes a unique look at romance throughout Scripture. And he shows us the reality that true romance from God’s perspective is about much more than a fleeting feeling of infatuation. It’s the very thing that can help us experience love, meaning and direction every day.”

Part 1 & 2 is available on the Ed Young Podcast on iTunes or You can watch Part 2  on the Ed Young site here.