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February 3, 2011

Ed Young Pastor Fellowship Church Dalla/Ft Worth Debuts New Sermon Series Based On The Twilight Phenomenon, “TWILIGHT: Modern Romance Meets True Love”

Ed Young debuted a new sermon series on love and romance recently based on the Twilight Series . . . and all the guys said . . .”ookkkaayyy???  I guess I’m staying home from Church on Sunday.”  Ed got a huge response when asking the crowd on the first day “Who here’s for Team Edward?” to mild cheers, then “Who’s for Team Jacob?”  and the cheers were a bit louder.  Then he asked “Who here couldn’t care less?” and the place erupted.  To that all the guys said . . . “Amen.”

According to the official description of the new series:

“As life unfolds along the path before us, we often find ourselves seeking connection, hope, love. But it’s more than a desire to find the right feeling. Our deepest desire is to know-and to be known. Ultimately, we want to discover the potential, the presence and the power of romance.

In this series, Ed Young takes a unique look at romance throughout Scripture. And he shows us the reality that true romance from God’s perspective is about much more than a fleeting feeling of infatuation. It’s the very thing that can help us experience love, meaning and direction every day.”

Part 1 & 2 is available on the Ed Young Podcast on iTunes or You can watch Part 2  on the Ed Young site here.