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June 17, 2011

Francis Chan Passion 2011

Francis Chan spoke during Session 3 of Passion 2011.  Below are the notes of his talk.

Living Worthy

  • Let me preface this story with “I love my wife.”
    • We had a little problem a couple days ago, and it might’ve been the first time she hurt my feelings a bit.
    • Christmas is coming, and I’m thinking, “What do I get my wife?”
    • I’m gonna buy her a car for Christmas. That’s romantic. So I did all my research. I just wanted to surprise her.
    • “I was gonna get you a car.” My wife said, “That’s not a present.” (ouch)
    • I thought she was gonna be so pumped up, but her response was such a let down.
    • But I think about this idea of working toward something, and we’re expecting a certain response.
  • Philippians 1:27
    • The Gospel is really good news. The response should be worthy. Our lives are a response.
    • Living a life that is worthy.
    • The idea is, I am on one side of the scale, and the Gospel is on the other side of the scale, and it should be balanced. My manner of life should be worthy, should be a suitable response.
    • You look at the Gospel, and you look at your life, and you ask, “Do the two look the same?”
    • “Let your manner of life be worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”
    • As citizens of heaven, our lives should be like Jesus, where are humbling ourselves, and descending our lives.
    • How does my life look in light of people going to hell?
    • Can people look at your life and tell that you believe in hell?
    • Can people look at your life and tell that you have been saved from hell?
    • Could people look at your life and see that you believe Matthew 25?
    • May God raise up a generation that sees the consumerism in the church today.
    • I’m not asking you to be radical or extreme, I’m just asking you to make your life make sense.
    • The Apostle Paul’s life made sense.