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May 27, 2014

Miraculous Healing Inspires Title Track of New Album Dance Again By LIFE Worship UK

Recorded Live in UK, Dance Again Available Globally May 26
Integrity Music announces the May 26 global release of Dance Again, a 13-track album featuring new songs from the UK’s LIFE Church, including the title track, which was inspired by a miraculous physical healing. Recorded live by LIFE Worship, the music ministry of LIFE Church (formerly Abundant Life) in Bradford, England, Dance Again is an album filled with new songs from a congregation pressing deeper into God’s promises.
Dance Again features original songs written by members of the church along with a cover of  “One Thing Remains” by Brian Johnson/Bethel Music.  The album also features “We Believe” co-written by LIFE Worship’s Matt Hooper and popularized by the Newsboys. But it is the story behind the title track that has people talking.
It all began with church member Amanda Varty who had battled “ME” (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) for nine years. The debilitating disease left Amanda bedridden much of the time. There were days when she couldn’t walk, and in time, Amanda lost her job and was on the verge of losing her home. 
Desperate beyond words, Amanda and her husband went to church hoping for a miracle. On that particular day, Amanda recalls that she felt stronger and could sit upright and even raise her hands during worship, hands that had barely the strength to raise a fork to her mouth. Yet when she left the church, the weakness returned.
For eight months, the situation remained the same with Amanda feeling weak at home but better at church. Then, one day as Amanda received prayer at church, she stood up, walking away from her wheelchair. And that’s when she did the one thing that she had dreamed of being able to do during all those years of suffering. She danced again before God. 
Her testimony had a profound effect on the church, inspiring worship leader and associate pastor Matt Hooper to pen the song “Dance Again.” 
Praise Him when your heart is breaking / When your strength is almost gone / Sing out your song and
Praise Him in the fire and fury / In the dark night of your soul
Your tears will dry / Your heart will mend / Your scars will heal / And you will dance again…
“So many of us live between the promise that God gave us and the realization of that promise,” says Matt Hooper. “There’s a big gap sometimes for us to live in. But what we do in that gap… our reasonable response ought to be praise. He never changes, He’s always faithful. And we have to approach the sovereign God with that mindset. When your heart is breaking, praise Him.”
To hear more about Amanda’s healing and the inspiration behind the song “Dance Again,” view “Amanda’s Story” and to watch the live performance of the song, go to “Dance Again”.
Dance Again will be available through all major digital service providers beginning May 26 with a “Deluxe” version of the album, including bonus videos, available exclusively through iTunes.
The complete songlist for Dance Again is:
1.   Alive Inside 
2.   We Believe 
3.   One Thing Remains 
4.   Dance Again 
5.   Jesus’ Blood 
6.   Found & Redeemed 
7.   His Kingdom Is Here 
8.   Let Faith Arise 
9.   The Promise Isn’t Over
10. This Is My Surrender 
11. Come All You Saints 
12. Back Where I Belong 
13. Emmanuel
About LIFE Church:
LIFE Church is a thriving, multi-cultural family that meets in Bradford and Leeds in England and Belfast, Northern Ireland. LIFE Worship, the music ministry of the church, exists to create life-giving worship and resources to serve their community and local churches around the world. Additional information on LIFE Church and LIFE Worship can be found at