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February 6, 2011

Cameron Strang Founder Relevant Magazine Gives Rare Inside Look To How He Started And What It Takes To Run A Magazine In Great Interview (VIDEO)


Cameron Strang, founder of Relevant Magazine did a rare and honest interview with Brad Lomenick recently on what how he started Relevant Magazine and what it takes to run a magazine company.

I thought Strang’s answers were surprisingly honest.  He wasn’t trying to glamorize Relevant or his company in any way, but rather gave sound advice to any person wanting to start their own venture.

Camerong also candidly shares about the role his parents played in helping him grow up and prove his commitment to what he feels God has called him to.

Here’s why I think Cameron’s words are worth heeding:  His words apply to anything you may want to do in life for God.  Anything.  And the truth is that at the end of the day our calling, our desire to do great things for the glory of God come down to real life, practical hard work.  Behind all the glamor of a TOMS Shoes or Relevant Magazine or Passion/sixstepsrecords in unglamorous hard work.

So I’d recommend you listening to Strang’s interview with the question:  God what do you want me to learn through this?