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February 10, 2012

Rick Warren To Release New Book On Hoarding Called, A Pack Rat Is Better Than A Lab Rat!

Rick Warren is not a hoarder.  He’s a sentimentalist.

According to multiple sources the uber popular author is about release his newest book, “A Pack Rat Is Better Than A Lab Rat: The Other Purpose That Can Drive Your Life.”

In it Warren will share how he first started “packing heat” as he calls it.  The “heat” referring to his items that symbolize cherished memories from his past.  He’ll share about how every anniversary he sleeps with his old 1964 Ford Fairlaine muffler under his pillow. The purported back story of this sentimentalist act is that apparently Warren drove his ’64 Fairlane to take Kay Warren AKA Kay ‘The Best Wife’ Warren, as Rick has been known to refer to her in the media—on their first date.

It is clear that this new release will give readers even more insight into the heart and character of the man influencing millions.

A source close to proceedings, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, also shared that Warren’s new CB handle is “Pack Daddy” or “P Daddy” for short.

Warren keeps a CB radio in his Ford Explorer.

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