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February 4, 2011


I saw this piece of news a few days ago, and it just cracked me up:




“A six-year-old boy who missed his school bus hopped into the family car and drove alone 16 kilometres to school before losing control and crashing but escaping with only minor injuries, police said on Wednesday.

“It’s not only one miracle, it’s a multiple array of miracles” that allowed the boy from Wicomico Church, in the US state of Virginia, to avoid serious injury to himself or others, Northumberland county Sheriff Chuck Wilkins told AFP.

The boy took the keys to a 2005 Ford Taurus early on Monday while his mother was sleeping, and drove, possibly standing up, “during our busiest time of the day, when all the school buses are going, passing two or three cars at a time, and went over a bridge and almost made it to school” before striking a utility pole, Wilkins said.”


(end quote)


You can read the whole piece here.


I just died reading that it was so funny.


The reason I say Erwin McManus would be so proud of this boy is because of one Erwin’s chapters in his latetest book, “WIDE AWAKE.”



In one of his chapters Erwin wrote a piece that still has me reeling, it was so profound.  He talked about being adaptable.  His main idea was that on the path toward pursuing our dreams, we will HAVE to be adaptable:  when we come to an obstacle or an unexpected hurdle, we need to be able to adapt and get around it, instead of just giving up.  It’s the same thing that William P. Young, author of “THE SHACK” did.  When every publisher rejected his book he started a publishing company with 2 of his friends and released his own book.  To it me it such a powerful truth: learning to be adaptable because we can never control what comes our way.


And that’s exactly what this little 6 year-old did- He missed his school bus and drove himself to school.  Erwin would love this story.  What an example:  do whatever it takes to get to your dream:  Even if it means driving standing up.